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Tooth Therapy Dental Clinic

Tooth Therapy Dental Clinic was found in 2001 by Dr Yupares Nimkarn, initially as DC–one Dental Clinic. We have clinics in two cities, Bangkok and Phuket. The name Tooth Therapy reflects our holistic approach to dental well-being which is a vital part of one's overall health. We have been a trustworthy partner in providing comprehensive dental care to our global community of patients; both multinational local residents and patients who travel from overseas.

We offer a full range of dental wellness services, employing techniques and technologies that are both state-of-the-art and exceptionally safe. All our equipment and products are FDA approved. We do not use amalgam (silver filling) in our practice to ensure people and environmental safety. Our digital x-rays and 3D computerized CT scan technology, utilizing a small fraction of radiation used by conventional films yet generating higher quality diagnostic images, are safe for pregnancy and children.

Our strength lies in our internationally acclaimed dentists who are highly trained and experienced, and remain at the forefront of their fields through constant active research and education. Most importantly, our team of practitioners is motivated solely by the holistic wellbeing of our patients. Both the physical and mental health of our patients is paramount. At Tooth Therapy, you can relax in the assumption that the end results of your treatments will be satisfactory - that is our bare minimum.

Our patients enjoy services designed uniquely for their health circumstances and lifestyles; we are dedicated to building doctor-patient relationships based on trust and loyalty, resulting in the continual delight of our clients. We guarantee that you will look forward to visiting the dentist!

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Dentists & Dental Specialists

Accredited both locally and internationally, all our dental specialists are certified in their respective fields and fluent in English and Thai. Many hold American and Australian Board Certifications and practice licenses. Our 30+ specialists represent the entire range of dental services and offer a multidisciplinary and long-term approach to ensuring your continued wellbeing. Most importantly, we strive to remain at the cutting edge of dentistry through continuing education and constant research.

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Dental Treatments & Services

Through our comprehensive scope of specialists and technology, Tooth Therapy is able to fulfill all your dental needs. We construct complete patient profiles in order to create coherent, long-term, tailor-made dental experiences that combine the past, present and future. Our services all remain in-house in order to maintain a consistent, personalized relationship with our patients.

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Holistic Wellness

In keeping with contemporary medical principles, we strongly believe that the mind and body are intrinsically linked. At Tooth Therapy, we create an environment of positivity and relaxation to boost your health and total wellbeing. We have a history of cultivating patient loyalty through not only the excellence of our health professionals, but also through our uplifting atmosphere.

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Philosophy & Mission Statement

It's our goal to bring smiles to every face; patients, dentists and staff. We strive to craft an environment of warmth, comfort, trust, professionalism, cooperation and synergy. We embrace the culture of caring for you and your health and well-being.

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